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Clean freaks – this will turn you right on!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 8th, 2019

You know you are officially old and your life is rather dull when your ears prick up and endorphins flood through your body when you hear about a killer cleaning device. I got all the feels when I read an article about a broad who purchased a killer broom from Kmart for $8 bucks. Seriously, my daily almond chai lattes are only slightly cheaper than this cleaning machine.

The broom has soft rubbery bristles that will harden your nipples as it glides over your carpet and lifts all the hair and fucked foulness out like a magical cleaning genie.

Ready to get really turned on? Check out the pic that Shirley Towan from regional NSW posted in a Kmart Lovers Facebook group that got a gazillion likes and even more comments. Us hot blooded women go mad for a cleaning gadget!

Impressive, Shirl!
Image: Facebook

Shirl said it actually works just as well as her $700 Dyson. I’m tempted to go out and get a cat that moults just to really satisfy my broomy ways.

Anyway, time for us to go get a life I reckon… and a carpet broom.

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