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How you can totes steal Kourtney K’s home style

Chloe Taylor by Chloe Taylor
March 15th, 2018

Have you seen the insane crib Kourtney has got set up in Calabasas, California? Well, probably not in person, but if you were keeping up with the famous Kardashian in recent years (no pun intended), you are well aware of her breakup with Scott Disick in 2016, which left the vast estate all to herself. She be lucky, real lucky.

The interior design of the house really makes our eyeballs sing, and although this may sound crazy – it’s actually possible to replicate this without having to break into Fort Knox to pay for it.  No matter how many expensive things inhabit the estate, Kourt’s taste in design and decor is a simple one. Here is how you can effortlessly steal Kourtney’s home style.


Keep it super simple and personal

Just because they have more money than they know what to do with doesn’t mean that they can’t refrain from going over the top with their interiors. And Kourtney’s house is the perfect example of this glamorous, yet seemingly frugal approach.

Instead of stuffing your living environment with things you don’t need, you want to adopt a semi-minimalist mindset and stick to the few things you love the most. Think about symmetry as well, and how you can position these pieces on the walls and around the room for maximum effect. Remember, beauty lies in simplicity.


Let neutral hues ‘Reign’ (see what I did there…)

The keywords you want to be thinking about when decorating your own place are chic, glamorous, and inviting. This is what defines the interior and sets it apart from so many other famous cribs around the globe. So first off, the foundation.

If you are to delve inside Kourtney’s house, you would immediately spot a distinctive colour palette comprised of white, black, and grey hues. As you might have imagined, the whites represent the chic, the blacks glamour, and the greys an inviting feeling that permeates the household. This is your foundation.


Add striking accents throughout your pad

Speaking of accents, they present the final piece of the puzzle that is the irresistible interior of this beautiful mansion. These accents come in all shapes and sizes, and this is the moment when you want to follow your gut and let your personality and taste permeate the room.

Don’t go to overboard, but rather…introduce small accents in terms of contrasting hues and shapes into every room to fight off any monotony, and give the setting a unique vibe. To achieve this, think about greenery, striking colours on select pieces of furniture, and vibrant artwork on the walls.


Where the interior of this house truly shines, is in its strategic use of focal points in every room. Focal points are essential in bringing the design of the setting together in creating a coherent, glamorous whole. Therefore, you want to use this approach to create your own focal points throughout the house.

For the kitchen, think about a grand island accompanied by a bar and overhead lighting, while the living room can be graced by an elegant leather sofa in the centre of the room overlooking the fireplace or the entertainment area. For the bathroom, think of a white freestanding bath embraced by a neutral, ivory hue on the walls.