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The winner of the most OMG home we’ve ever seen belongs to Lenny Kravitz

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 24th, 2019

When it comes to coolness, Lenny Kravitz is on the ice-cold end of the spectrum. There is no cat quite like him on the planet and it seems there isn’t much Lenny can’t do. He’s a singer, songwriter, plays literally every instrument during recording sessions for his albums, is a record producer, actor and one seriously FINE looking man to boot. At 54, he just seems to be getting better and better.

What old mate Lenny also has is some serious style. He recently invited Architectural Digest in for a tour of his insanely gorgeous property just outside of Rio de Janeiro and…. wow. Set on an 18th century Brazilian coffee plantation, this place is the stuff of dreams.

Urged by a friend to check out the property at the end of a tour around a decade ago, it was love at first sight for Lenny who told AD: “We got there at night, and the next morning I awoke in the most spectacularly lush, beautiful landscape you can imagine. We were nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains, with waterfalls, cows, horses, monkeys, fruit groves and vegetable fields – the whole panoply of nature.” The working farm is thriving and the amount of organic farm-to-table fruit and veg that feeds Lenny and his guests will make you look at your shrivelled up old fruit and veg and cry.

If that sounds like heaven, wait until you step inside and see the styling that includes the most stunning hand-painted walls your eyes have ever seen. Beautiful photography of loved ones adorn almost every room, as well as stunning artwork and amazing furniture. In addition to all the earthly gorgeousness that surrounds, Lenny has added all the creature comforts a legendary millionaire artist would need, including full gymnasium, treatment room for massages, recording studio, pool house, soccer field, massive bbq/entertainment area and guest houses.

We’ll let Lenny show you around… ‘cos it looks so much more beautiful when he does it.

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