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When to say ‘F**K YES’ and when to say ‘HELL NO’

Bron Sheridan by Bron Sheridan
June 28th, 2016

Do you possess murmurs deep within telling you to live a Fuck Yes life? A life that doesn’t include large doses of bull served with shit. I am going to show you exactly how to live the Fuck Yes life you want by saying a big fat HELL NO to all those things you don’t need to do.

Things you absolutely must say “HELL NO” to:

  • Any committee role within a kinder/mothers’ group. Unless you grew up on the mean streets of Compton and can handle yourself with in a gang fight I would back away from the craziness of committees right now while your sanity is still hanging by that single thread.
  • Sewing costumes the night before a dress-up day. Even Tonia Todman herself would burst a bobbin over this.
  • Cooking for anyone with allergies. Let’s not kill anyone with our dinners. Do ANYTHING within your power to avoid killing the kid with allergies.
  • Minding a child who you can’t stand for an extended period of time. (This unfortunately doesn’t extend to your own kids. Those ones you’re stuck with.)
  • Hosting any type of Tupperware/Thermomix/ lingerie party. “You don’t have to buy anything!’ Famous last words…

living a fuck yes life

The things you must actively say FUCK YES to, even if your life must be turned on its head in order for this to occur:

  • Job opportunities. Especially those jobs that are family friendly (as in, you escape the family and earn money). Even better if they offer school hours.
  • Girls’ weekend, girls’ lunch, brunch, dinner or catch up of any variety. These are a MUST! Unless they are organised by bitches for bitches who you can’t stand. Then you can feel free to invoke to the HELL NO clause.
  • Okay, let’s add date night with hubby just to balance things out. This may include a few other “yes, yes, yes” moments later in the evening (depending on your personal espresso-martini-to-getting-naked ratio).
  • A chance to attend an interesting/inspiring event or class where you could learn or do something you have always wanted to. Full points awarded to you if you also manage to attend this event child-free.
  • An opportunity that scares the shit out of you. I know you want to run for the hills but this is THE thing that will make a huge difference to your life. Trust me, just say YES.
  • Do you want to live a seriously Fuck Yes life? Then fuck what you should, could or would do and just say HELL NO. You can thank me later, on our girls’ weekend away.

Have you ever been ballsy enough to say NO to something big? 

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