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The Designer tees fashion bloggers and celebs are OBSESSED with

Brooke by Brooke
August 14th, 2017

Nadia Bartel rocking her Gucci tee

There isn’t a fashion blogger alive who isn’t sporting a designer logo tee, these babies are super hot right now.  I mean, are you even fash-on if you’re not sporting one?

Last year was Gucci’s year, they had a huge 2016 and are continuing to kick massive style goals.  I know because I want it ALL. Since their show-stopping S/S collection late last year where they first featured the logo t-shirt, which was inspired by a design from the brand’s archives, the tee has now become a must-have for fashion bloggers and celebs like Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian. According to Lyst, the fashion search engine, there are around 2000 searches a day for “Gucci T-shirt”. (I am guilty of being one of those).

The Gucci tee craze has set a trend that even other designers, like Dolce and Gabbana, are following in the footsteps of and releasing their own logo tees.   The A-list are wearing them with everything from jeans and cut-off shorts to suits and minis. There’s not many tees you can dress up and down…which is just as well when I tell you the price for some of these. I will tell you no lies, these tees aren’t cheap, the Gucci one will set you back $655, but if you think about cost per wear  – winning!

You may even be one of the lucky ones who have hung on to one from the 80’s (I refuse to call the 80’s vinatge), and if so, then dust it off  and just like that, you’re one of the cool cats! Easy peasy. You can also find them second hand websites like Ebay  – but you’ll have to be on the ball because they don’t last long on these sites.

If you can’t afford to justify starving your kids to buy one of the Gucci tees, the good news is I have you covered. You can get the look for a whole lot less and buy another designer logo tee for under $50! I’ve found some for you and included them below…there are also a few on the high-end scale for those of you prepared to eat baked beans for the next three months in the name of fashion. Check them out here…


$655, Gucci

$39.95, The Iconic


$261, ShopStyle


$46, Asos


$69.95, The Iconic


$46, Asos


$785, ShopStyle

$99, The Iconic




$347, ShopBop

Are you a fan of this trend?

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