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If you use make up remover wipes, you need to know this!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
August 5th, 2016

Here’s a revolting confession: I NEVER take my make up off before bed. I know, this is skin basics 101, but I’m so lazy that by the time I drag my butt up to bed, all I want to do is get in and grab as many ZZZZs as I can. I don’t wear a tonne of make-up on an average day, but there’s still the BB cream and the blush, not to mention the grease and grime that builds up throughout the day that requires removal. Waiting until the next day to cleanse it all off in the shower like I do really is kinda gross.

If you’re a skin slacker like me, make up remover wipes are the perfect half-arsed option. They’re quick, they’re easy and they’re disposable; BUT did you know there was a ‘right’ way to use them effectively? Well, here’s the golden rule we should be following…

Start at the perimeter of your face. Tackle the outside areas like your hairline and jawline FIRST and then work your way in towards the centre. Why? The centre of your face, known as the T-zone, which comprises of your forehead, down the nose and the chin, is generally the oiliest and most bacteria-rich part of your face. Leaving this area until last lessens the likelihood of spreading the oil and bacteria all over the rest of your face, which could cause breakouts. To get that skin squeaky-clean, go in for a proper cleanse after using the wipes as well.

A little tweak that could make all the difference!

Do you religiously remove your make up before bed?

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