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Odds are you have been doing your make up wrong. THIS is how you do it

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
June 11th, 2016

There’s pretty much a ‘correct’ way of doing almost everything on the planet, right? From how to raise our kids to how many times we should wash our sheets, everyone has an opinion on the right way to GET. IT. DONE.

When it comes to make-up, I am ALL ears because it is seriously one of my favourite topics in the world. Pretty shallow, but totally true. There’s nothing I enjoy more than having the house to myself before a night out and doing my make up. Just like in the days of old, I pump up the music, pour a glass of wine and go to town on my face. It’s almost therapeutic. But did you know that there’s an actual order in which to put your products on? It’s also, coincidentally, the same order I use to put my make up on so of course it’s gotta be right. Haaaaa, I joke. Sort of. Not really. Give this a go….

Prime first: Primer is meant to make your foundation go on smoother and help with longevity, but if that’s not part of your process, then just slap a bit of moisturiser on your blank canvas to give your base something to stick to. Same deal if you’re using an eye primer.

Eye spy: Get those peepers sorted before ANYTHING else on yo’ face, especially if you’re going with a dark eye. I’d say many women think to get their skin in order first, but eyeshadow fall-out happens to the best of us and can ruin all of your foundation and concealing work if you do it first. Get your shadow, liner and mascara on first and then clean up any residue with a baby wipe. Now, you’re ready for skin!

make up

Eyeshadow fall-out you ruin EVERYTHING!

Lay the foundation: Whether it’s a full coverage foundation or just a BB cream, now is the time to get it on. You can use a brush, a sponge (Beauty Blenders are the best) or just your fingers to do this. I like to buff the foundation into my skin and then run over it with my fingertips to make sure it’s all worked in and isn’t just sitting on the top. DON’T FORGET ladies – take it down the neck. No tide lines.

Concealer: There’s no point concealing before foundation, because you’ll just wipe all of the product off. If you’re using a colour-correcting concealer, like green to counteract redness, you can dab some of this on first and then use your foundation, but that’s the exception. Take time with concealing, as it’ll make all the difference. Spot conceal (with the right colour concealer for your skin) any pimples or imperfections, redness around the nose and mouth and of course, under the eyes if, like me,  you sport more baggage under there than an international traveller.

make up

Bye bye bags

Powder: Some may disagree with me here, but if you’re looking for your make up to go the distance, you need to powder to lock it all in. Gone are the days of heavy, cakey powdering; there are so many beautiful, finely-milled (even luminous) powders around these days that cake-face should never happen. Just remember to use all of your cream products first, then powder. Keep this in mind for bronzer and blush as you can get cream, gel and powder of both. Highlighter should be cool to pop on at the end though.

Lips:  Whack on some gloss if that’s what you’re going for, or use a pencil to line and fill in the lip (this will help it last longer) and then pop on some lipstick. Winter is made for matte lips, so give it a go in a berry tone for a bit of pow.

Brows: Yep, I do my brows last. I like to stand back, have a gander at how my make-up looks and then decide how heavy to go on my brows. I generally find the less on the lips, the stronger I’ll do my brows. If I’ve got a deep colour on my lips, I’ll typically go a little lighter on the brows – even just a quick swipe of brow gel to keep them in place will do the trick. There’s no real theory behind this, that’s just how I kick it.

make up

Something about this picture makes me SO happy

Setting spray: If you like to use a setting spray, obviously now is the time. NYX make a great (and super cheap) one in two formulations – dewy and matte. Mac Fix+ is a holy-grail product and is a great setting spray if you want to up the dewiness factor.

Now all you need is to get those heels on and hit the town.

Do you have an order for putting on your make up?

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