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Mandy Moore takes us on a video tour of her pad!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
June 22nd, 2018

We’ve taken you inside loads of celeb homes on Show+Tell over the years and most of them are pretty bloody epic with their tennis courts and theatre rooms and luxurious pools. But Mandy Moore’s 1950’s Pasadena home is by far my fave yet. It is incredible on every level, from the layout and light-filled spaces to the seriously awesome styling, but the thing that sets this one apart from the others is that it really FEELS like a home. Like, one we could see ourselves living in. One day. Maybe after a Tatts win.

Set up high on a hill with incredible views of the San Gabriel valley and mountains, Mandy took AD on a video tour to show off the home she shares with her fiance, musician Taylor Goldsmith, and their two dogs, Joni and Jackson. The home keeps it’s original 50’s charm, but Mandy and her team of architect and designers, gave it a spruce-up to give it a little more of modern feel. Set on 1.45 acres of land, this four bedroom home is every house goal you’ve ever had.

You can skim through the pics or REALLY get a feel for the place with this vid Mandy made with AD where she talks us through the rooms and the insanely awesome styling. There’s so much inspo here you’ll want to start your own reno project…

And here are the glorious pics…

Gorgeous bathroom fixtures

That stunning terrazzo shelf

The fam room

Freestanding bathtub goals

How good is that copper hood ?

The front room

The kitchen with the beautiful waterfall marble bench

We can imagine Mandy eating her brekkie eggs here

The Master bedroom with THAT stunning green velvet bedhead

Daiquiri, please.