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If prepping meals is driving you bonkers, this is the answer to your food prayers

Stacey by Stacey
March 12th, 2020

We have partnered with Chefgood to bring you this piece but the words and dinner worries are all mine. M x

“What should we have for dinner?” This sentence is said over the phone to me every night at about 6pm when my partner calls me on his way home from work. He words it in a way that doesn’t sound like he is assuming I’ll have it sorted but I am painfully aware that the dinner menu is one of the daily snoozefest jobs that has fallen in my arena.

In my house, there is one vego, one fussy kid and another who is refusing to eat anything that isn’t pink or white at the moment. I wish I was joking.

Organising and cooking dinner is draining me of my sanity and I’m so so so over it!

I really hate wasting a meal though, food is not just something made to fill a hole for me. Just the mere anticipation of something delicious makes me giddy and if a meal is rubbish I am one ropeable broad. Life is too short for crappy meals.

My interest in prepping meals has seriously waned over the years and the repetition of the activity has me contemplating rocking in a corner. I need a break from making the goddam dinner and although my partner would be happy to cook, the cooking domain is far from his strength and I like my meals to have actual flavour.

I need help and I need it pronto so I’m thinking Chefgood! Heard of it? Allow me to inform you of this game-changer many of my friends have converted to.

It’s a food service, ah ah ah, stay with me, it’s not a slap it together and throw it at your front door kind, it’s made by real humans who are actual chefs in a kitchen in Melbourne*.

It’s an easy subscription-based delivery service but the beauty is there are no minimum orders so you can pause or cancel it at any time. The packages are tailored to you and the meals you choose from (which are aplenty) are all made with fresh ingredients and never frozen. The meals are also planned by nutritionists so your body will be getting all the fuel it needs.

This sounds like a cracking way to save time and energy and get a little dinner time sanity back. Check out all the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in the Chefgood meal plans here.
*Although meals are made in Melbourne they are delivered fresh all over the country.