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This lady’s mental health vid has gone viral – ‘cos it’s hilarious

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
November 23rd, 2018

Mental illness is no joke. Those of us who live with it know that it’s like a festival of fucked-up shit that likes to party every single day, but unlike a regular shitty party, you can’t just politely leave – because the venue is your head and you are the guest of honour.

Right now I’m having a particularly nasty anxiety flare up, so my party feels like it’s rocking 24/7. You know the drill; thoughts and to-dos that wanna play stacks-on with each other, disturbed sleep, difficulty concentrating and my all-time fave, a tight throat that feels like it’s gonna close up on you at any second. It’s not pleasant and it’s certainly not fun, but just like all the not-so-great happenings in life, sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh at it.

This morning, my laugh-o-metre went into overdrive when I opened a video called If My Brain Held A Morning Meeting by Tiffany Jenkins of Juggling The Jenkins. Tiff has made heaps of hilarious vids over the years, most with a focus on motherhood, mental health and addiction, but this is truly one of her best. It shows all the components of an overactive mind conspiring to fuck up your day before it’s even begun, and there’s something about seeing it in this way that makes it all feel a little more comforting… because we are definitely not alone. Have a watch…

See? Smart, funny and 100% relatable, which is why it has had over 8 MILLION views on Facey. Gold.

The beautiful Sarah Harris chats about her anxiety, career and her incredible labour in the podcast version of our chat below. Whack on some cans and have a listen, then head here to subscribe for more S+T poddy goodness.