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Miranda Kerr’s tip for glowing skin in a flash is the BEST!

Stacey by Stacey
August 4th, 2016

We love us a little Miranda Kerr. It’s no secret that her skin, hair and clothes are always on point…I often find myself staring at her porcelain skin wondering if she’s ever had a blemish in her whole life. Does she just hide away from the world when she has a huge zit or does she just not get any? Either way, I’m astounded by how bloody incredible her skin always looks…and maybe a little jelly.

Miranda had a chat with about her essentials in her handbag…and yes, that was relatively interesting but it was the tip she dropped so lightly that made me feel like I had a glimmer of hope in the dewy, glowy, gorgeous skin stakes.

Wait for it…APPLYING LIP BALM TO YOUR CHEEKS. Yep, you read right.

She said she applies lip balm to her cheekbones to keep her skin looking dewy, and she said it also works like a ‘highlighter.’

Peace out ladies, I’m off to find my lip smacker to colour in my face. Next time you see me I’ll be dewy and Miranda kerr-ish like.

Here’s a little snippet of her chat…

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