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Natural Cleaning products that smell like you’ve been up a gum tree!

Stacey by Stacey
March 10th, 2020

This video is brought to you by Bosistos but is 100% our words and beliefs. Monty and Stace xxx

The Bosistos cleaning and laundry ranges use Eucalyptus Oil harvested from our farm in Inglewood, Victoria. Sensitive Laundry powder and liquid is eco friendly and dermatologically tested & proven to be kind to sensitive skin. Their cleaning products have no harmful chemicals, so are certain to make for a healthier home. All of the Bosistos cleaning products are palm oil free and eco-friendly. Their Multipurpose and Bathroom & Shower Cleaner also have the added benefit of killing germs naturally. They also have an Australian Natives Personal Care Hand and body wash which crafted using bespoke Australian flora known for their moisturising.

The range is available at Chemist Warehouse.