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Do a little good with these three EASY household product swaps

Stacey by Stacey
October 31st, 2017

This post is sponsored by ecostore but it is entirely my story and products I absolutely adore.

I’m a mum to three boys – which means I do an obscene amount of washing. So. Much. Washing! Washing of clothes, hands, bums, mouths, walls, floors, beds’s never ending (yawn). There is a never ending pile of laundry in the middle of my lounge room at all times and trying to tackle that beast while sticky little human hands are on you is not enjoyable, to say the least.

Stacey's youngest son Mack loving his ecostore goodies

Stacey’s youngest son Mack loving his ecostore goodies

In my downtime, I like to go to the supermarket ALONE…it’s my equivalent to a trip to Bali right now. I spend a good 10 minutes in the skincare aisle just looking at the pretty products. Although they look delightful, since having my three sticky humans I have become way more conscious of the chemicals I’m putting on my skin and theirs. I have pretty sensitive skin and my #blessed children have also inherited this. A few years ago while in Bali (the supermarket), I stumbled upon ecostore products.

Ecostore ensures it’s products are safer for you and the world. They’re plant and mineral-based, naturally derived AND they smell DI.VINE!

Ecostore was created to rid the world of all nasty chemicals and to ensure they’re safer for you, your family and our planet, without compromising on performance. My kids totes look clean, smell pretty darn spesh and their sensitive skin is not even slightly irritated. And, the best part…it’s teaching my little needy humans that doing small things everyday for the planet can add up to making a big difference.

I find it overwhelming trying to eliminate all the nasties in my home but I’ve found swapping to ecostore products a really simple, easy and affordable way to do it. Check out the cute little labels to see how perfect the ingredients are – and the best part, you can find these goodies at your local Woolies.

My three main go-to products from ecostore are Laundry Liquid, Hand Wash and Baby Body Wash because they are the things I use most in my household (because…endless washing). Here’s what you need to know:

Laundry Liquid – Eucalyptus RRP $9.99

Like I said, I do a boatload of washing so this liquid is ace. It’s made from plant-based ingredients. It’s free of all optical brighteners, phosphates and synthetic fragrances, which means it’s way kinder to your skin.

Liquid Hand Wash – Coconut & Vanilla RRP $5.49

I wash my hands 6000 times a day (mostly to get the sticky lollipop that I used to bribe my kid to behave off me). This little bottle of gold is made from plant-based ingredients that cleanse and nourish your skin without drying it out. It’s DELICIOUS and leaves your skin soft, smooth and free of nasties. And the bottle is cute too.

Baby Body Wash – RRP $8.49

My kids have always reacted to soap in a yucky way so I’ve used this for all of my kids and it’s the perfect super mild alternative to soap – with no nasty chemicals of course.

I’m rapt with these products. Sometimes natural products don’t do the hard work the others do, but these ones do the job with flying colours! Get on the bandwagon and do a little good every day with ecostore…you’ll totes love it.

To learn more and get your mitts on some click here and watch this incredible video below created by ecostore asking adults and children to picture the future.