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How many of these nostalgic 90’s perfumes do you remember?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 2nd, 2020

It’s amazing how massively nostalgic we can get over smells; how a whiff of something familiar can take us straight back to a time and place that holds some serious memories.

Fragrance is a big one. We all had those fragrances we relied on when we were in our teens and a fleeting whiff of one can take us straight back to the Blue Light discos of our youth.

So come for a walk down memory lane with us and please enjoy some of our fave pongs from the 90’s, which no doubt were proudly displayed on your dressing table too…

My 1993 favourite.

This takes me straight back to sneaking ciggies with my childhood bestie, Kathy. She adored this.

You definitely sucked face with a guy who drowned himself in this at some point.

See above.

Affordable stinky-ness funded by your part-time job at Safeway.

I’d rather wear metho than this, but holy moly the kids were CRAZY for it.

This baby was also on my dressing table. Very teen city from Kookai.

The boys at your school formal went hard on this.

You wanted this because…. Versace.

I wore the shit out of this aftershave. Would 100% still go there.

A high school classic if there ever was one.

Clinique was fancy AF when you were a teen. This was the bomb.

This rounded out my dressing table trifecta. I LIVED for this smell.

Ah, good old CK One. No shame if you still own a bottle like me.

Speaking of CK One, please enjoy this clip of Monty and Stace questioning my choice of scent on our latest ep of the pod…

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