Melbourne ladies, check out this AWESOME place.

Monty by Monty
May 21st, 2017

There is a magical little place we have found in Melbourne called One Roof and we want to share it with you. It’s the place we are holding our next LIVE Podcast with Monty, Meshel Laurie, Sophie Cachia (The Young Mummy) and Tommy Little, who will be kicking it off with some stand up. Tix are selling fast so if you want to come, grab them here.

Anyway, a while ago we were invited to speak to about 50 women about what Show + Tell is all about and it was held at One Roof. As soon as we walked in there we could feel this beautiful, feminine and friendly energy.

We were met by a beautiful, happy and proud face who welcomed us to this incredible space she had created. Her name is Sheree and she is a bloody go-getter.



One Roof is Australia’s leading co-working space dedicated to women-led businesses. It is a membership based community and is home to 70 businesses across a range of industries including tech, gaming, health, education, fashion and finance. One Roof is SO much more than a co-working space though, it is an entire ecosystem providing everything a female entrepreneur needs to thrive under one roof. This includes networking events, mastermind sessions, business coaching, mentorship and expert sessions with lawyers, accountants, sales strategists, marketing gurus and investors.

One Roof has AMAZE facilities which we have made the most of. We have hosted three live podcasts here because it has the feel and facilities that we really need and want for our events.

I wanted to pic Sheree’s brain about this awesome space she has created.

Where did the idea for One Roof come from?

I began my career as a corporate lawyer and quickly discovered the challenges of succeeding as a woman within that profession. Through this journey I found my passion for supporting women to thrive. I met my cofounder through a shared purpose to empower women and together we came up with the concept of a co-working space dedicated to women. We coined it One Roof to embody the notion that we will provide everything a female entrepreneur needs to thrive under one roof. We tested the concept running a one week pop up co-working space in an Airbnb listed two story mansion in St Kilda. We turned the bedrooms into meeting rooms, the living room into a hot-desking area and the kitchen into a workshop space. We held meditation sessions in the morning, workshop with experts in the afternoon and events in the evenings. In one week 400 people came through the One Roof doors and we knew we were on to something.
What do you think the best part about having a space like One Roof is?
The best part about having a space like One Roof is that it attracts a community of people who are bold, brave and supportive. Our members wake up every morning and come into One Roof to work in an environment that is warm, welcoming and conducive to creativity. They work amongst like-minded people who motivate each other to be productive and get shit done. They have access to endless opportunities of support through open office hours with experts, mastermind sessions, networking events, business coaching and so on. By working in a buzzing environment like One Roof they build strong networks, forge partnerships and find new clients. One Roof removes the isolation of entrepreneurship and has become an entire ecosystem of support to women. 
What is the demand like for shared working spaces for women?
Co-working spaces are a rapidly growing industry. In Melbourne the amount of space occupied by co-working hubs has increased by a staggering 750% in the past 3 years with over 152 co-working spaces. Many co-working spaces target a particular niche. Our niche is women-led businesses. This is important because there is a still a significant gender gap in all areas and at all levels of entrepreneurship. While we are one of the only female centric co-working spaces in Australia we are seeing a growing demand for our space. Only 4 months in to opening One Roof in Southbank we doubled in size. We are currently home to 70 women-led businesses and we are hosting on average 3 events every week. I continue to see female centric co-working spaces opening up around the world reinforcing that the demand continues to increase. While the gap in the number of women starting and growing successful businesses and access funding persists the need for shared working spaces for women will exist. 
I know you welcome men into the space with open arms but do you think having a female dominated work space creates a different environment for the women who work out of there?
We realised that there was this common theme that women were feeling intimidated working in co-working spaces and attending networking events that were male dominated. Women find themselves constantly feeling alienated from the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. One Roof is a space that has been created by women to support women so it is definitely a different kind of environment. There is something important about creating an environment where women feel comfortable to ask questions, express their challenges and concerns and learn from other inspiring and successful women. All of this said we welcome men who share
our core values with open arms!

co-working desks

Who can get a desk at One Roof and how?
One Roof has a particular focus on women-led businesses, that is, businesses with a female founder, cofounder, CEO or core values of gender equality. Our members range across all industries including tech, gaming, fashion, finance, recruitment, health education and so on. We welcome businesses of all stages from consultants and freelancers to high growth startups. We offer a one week free trial to give people a sense of the One Roof space and community. You can sign up for a free trial here We cater to all kinds of needs by offering a range of different and flexible memberships and you can apply for a membership here

Our live podcast

What kind of events are run at One Roof?

One Roof takes a lot of pride in hosting regular events that are varied, highly curated and always WOW our guests. We host f*ck up nights, movie nights, trivia, fundraisers, mastermind sessions where participants bring a business challenge to the table, live filming events where we interview women in business and have the conversations no-one else is having, events focused on career leaping, pitch nights, events focused on female entrepreneurs, workshops on health and wellbeing, panel discussions, guest speakers and the list goes on. We are currently running the One Roof PLUS 3-month accelerator program for early stage women-led businesses. You can view our online schedule of events here or sign up to our newsletter here to receive regular updates on everything that is happening under one roof. I also wrote an article about how we curate stand out events here. Events have become our bread and butter! 

If you are looking for somewhere to work from or need somewhere to host an event, conference or workshop, One Roof can accomodate anywhere from 20 people for workshops and up to 300 people cocktail style. Or you can host a meeting in one their boardrooms which is where we do our brainstorms for Show + Tell.

For venue enquires contact Maria Fernandez at, or on 0455583900.

Register for a free trial here, or visit their website