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Oprah’s hack for removing carpet stains is a winner!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
February 19th, 2018

If you’ve got a home with an inch of carpet in it, chances are you’ve got a stain somewhere. I’d like to blame my kids for the couple of stains we’ve got upstairs, but I’m the culprit. The little nook in my bedroom that has the best natural light is my fave place to do my make up and a drip of foundation here and a dropped red lippy there has accrued a couple of annoying marks on my light grey carpet. I thought I’d have to be staring at those stains, shaking my head at my clumsiness, for the rest of our years in this house, but none other than Oprah has come to the rescue with a sneaky tip that actually works. I know this because I’ve tried it… and my carpet is now back to it’s former glory.

Her Majesty shared her little hack with Vanity Fair, which she swears by for cleaning up dog shit (can you even imagine Oprah on her hands and knees scooping up poo???) “I’ve had to learn this secret talent over the years because I’ve had 21 dogs and no matter how well-trained they are, accidents happen,” she said. “The truth of the matter is nobody wants to clean up your dog’s poop, so I always like to do that myself.” A refreshing view from a billionaire who would probably have people lining up to do that job for her.

I’ve attached the vid of Oprah explaining the process herself (on a swatch of white carpet and gravy to simulate doggy diarrhoa), but here’s the written instructions…

1. Cover the stain with soda water and allow it to bubble, which Oprah says “loosens the stain” and allows you to blot it off rather than press it deeper into the carpet.

2. The experts at carpet cleaning knoxville suggest to Add more soda water and continue to blot. Try to lift as much of the stain up with the soda water as you can – you might need to do this several times.

3. Squirt a little dishwashing detergent onto your cloth and work into the area.

4. Add more soda water, allow to bubble and you’re done!

I have used both paper towel and a sponge and both work beautifully. As for the dishwashing detergent, Morning Fresh did the trick for me and just an extra tip – don’t RUB the stain with the detergent, dab it first, then once it’s almost gone, get in there with a bit of elbow grease to finish off.

That’s it! This vid is totally worth a watch though…Oprah’s excitement over her own hack is pretty good viewing!

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