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Bec Judd has nailed the perfect way to do kegels

Monty by Monty
May 21st, 2018

Coughing, sneezing, star jumps and trampolines can all go to hell. Even before I gave birth to my two boys my pelvic floor was on the weaker side, now I have to bend over with every achoo and I dodge daily requests to bounce on the tramp because the outcome of such events is not pretty. I’m not sporting Depends just yet, but who knows what the near future holds.

The last time I gave birth was nearly four years ago and I’m still doing my pelvic floor/ kegel exercises in the car and while waiting for my coffee at cafes. The floor of my pelvis is still extremely questionable and unreliable.

The other day while I was at work doing the 3PM Pick-Up (On KIIS FM), my co-host Bec Judd let me in on a little secret when it comes to perfecting the old pelvico flooro exercise.

Before doing this though, make sure you know how.

The tip is to stand up and turn your toes inwards like you are pigeon toed and then do your kegels. Being pigeon toed stops you activating your bum muscles.

A way to identify your pelvic floor muscles before doing this is to stop weeing midstream, if you are able to stop midstream you are activating your pelvic floor muscles. You can also imagine popping a straw in your lady parts and sucking up a thick-shake through there. Contract the muscles 10 seconds at a time and try do 10-15 reps a few times a day.

Former Editor In Chief of Cosmo mag and lady behind gorgeous kids clothing label Play etc. Bronwyn McCahon and I chatted about the delights of pelvic floors post kids On The Couch.