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We’ve just found the PERFECT blazer – and it’ll cost you less than dinner

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
June 12th, 2019

This post isn’t sponsored, just a public service announcement for those who love cool shit.

There’s a blazer hanging on the racks of your local Target that deserves a freakin’ parade (complete with brass band tooting its praises) because it’s that good. It’s a) gorgeous, b) goes with EVERYTHING and c) so affordable it seems impossible.

Meet our new mate, the Preview Longline Check Blazer, which comes in at a teeny tiny 49 bucks.

$49. insane.  Image:

Here’s a bit more of a close up for you….


Got a big, important day at the office? Pair this baby with a killer black pant and heels and you’re ready to CLOSE THAT DEAL. Night out with mates? Cuff the sleeves, slip on your fave jeans, a cool tee and boots (or sneakers) and you’re good to go. The neutral grey palette goes with everything and the classic check print ain’t going anywhere in a hurry either, so this will last you at least a couple of seasons. The length is perfect, the material isn’t too thick or too thin PLUS it’s got pockets.

Told ya, this baby ticks every single box.  You can shop the Preview Long Line Blazer online here or head into your local Target… and don’t forget to stop and check out their epic jeans while you’re there.

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