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Love a good pimple pop? Not after this horror story you won’t.

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 28th, 2019

There are few things in life that get my heart pumping as fast as a good pimple pop. Heaven on Earth for me looks like a deep ingrown hair that gives all the perks of a good pimple pop, with the added thrill of pulling out a long, curled-up hair at the end… or the rare occasion you hit the ultimate jackpot and score a pimp that’ll give you the DOUBLE POP. Bliss.

Without sounding like a total douche, my skin is in pretty good shape so even though I curse when I get a breakout, part of me gets a little excited at the popping potential when I look in the mirror. And sometimes, when I’m nervous or bored or procrastinating or stressed, I’ll start hammering away at any little spot I can find and transform it from a tiny red dot into a big, infected mess. I’ve even been known to try and pick a freckle that I was CONVINCED was a blackhead before… and I’ve still got the scar to prove it.

Then, I read the story of Katie Wright and her nightmare pimple picking story that has haunted my dreams ever since and now I’ve almost resigned myself to cable-tying mittens to my hands when the squeezing urge arises.

Firstly, let’s see a pic of Katie ‘before’…

Image via Twitter

So, here’s the story, as told by Katie.

“A week ago I decided to pick at what I thought was a giant under the skin pimple because it had been hurting for a while and got too painful to ignore. Within an hour my entire face swelled up and HURT. It felt like something was going to burst out of my skin. I went to the emergency room and they said it was a very serious case of Cellulitis, which is a version of a Staph infection, but instead of having a head like Staph, it effects the deep cellular tissues with no main source to attack. Since it was on my face, there was a huge risk of it spreading to my brain or my eyes cause me to go blind. Serious shit.”

And here’s what Katie 48 hours ‘after’ the photo above…

Image via Twitter

What. The. Fuck.

Katie reckons that the infection started to grow from bacteria accumulated on her eyebrow spoolie. She says that while she has always been diligent in the cleaning of her make up brushes, she never washed the brow spoolie because it was attached to the end of her brow pencil. Shitttttt. I seriously haven’t washed my make up brushes in MONTHS so who knows what filthy, revolting and potentially brain-munching infections are having a party in my own blush brush.

Thankfully, Katie has made a full recovery but wants all of us dirty make up piglets and pimple poppers to take our make up brush hygiene seriously – even the spoolies on the end of our eyebrow brushes. “It’s a small thing to do to avoid a painful, expensive and traumatising infection on your face,” she said.


Just FYI: We should really be washing our make up brushes and sponges on a weekly basis. A mild shampoo should do the trick (you’ll be horrified by how much filth comes out of them) and they should be left to dry completely before use. HOWEVER… if you don’t have time to fuss around with bathing your hairy friends, head to your local chemist and invest in a high strength isopropyl alcohol so that in between washes you can spray your brushes, sponges, even your make up itself, and it’ll kill any nasties hiding within.

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