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Inside the making of one of our fave brands…Ivy Muse

Stacey by Stacey
December 3rd, 2015

Alright, if I’m being completely honest…I haven’t been this excited about a new product in a LONG TIME! My eyes first landed on Ivy Muse a few months ago and since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about owning one.  Ivy Muse is a botanical wares brand that design BEAUTIFUL and functional stands and wares to give you that little bit of greenery you need all over your home. It is the brain child of long time friends, Jacqui Vidal and Alana Langan. Both incredible women in their own right…Jacquie already founder of art retailer ‘Signed & Numbered‘ and Alana an interior stylist and owner of boutique store ‘Hunt&Bow.’

They create all the products in Melbourne and well…you just HAVE to know about it. WE LOVE big time. Read our chat below…


Since you launched in 2014 you have been SMASHING it…tell us your inspiration behind starting Ivy Muse? 

Alana – Early 2014 Jacqui and I had been knocking about ideas to collaborate together. When we came up with the idea for Ivy Muse it just clicked for both of us. We were both a little green-thumbed and were struggling to find high quality plant stands without compromising on the design. At the time we were both living in homes that restricted how ‘green’ we were able to live so we were also keen on the idea of getting creative bringing greenery indoors. Being friends for so long, we knew we could work well together; we both have different strengths that we could play to…and we could cover each other’s weaknesses!



Jacqui and Alana, you are long time friends…how is it going now that your idea has come to fruition. Is it what you expected? 

Jacqui – To be honest, Alana and I really didn’t have any expectations going into this. We had no idea how our first collection of limited edition plant stands, GEOSCAPES, would be received and only produced a small number of stands in our first run – we literally had no idea how people would respond. We were pretty much overwhelmed by the response we received. We do believe in the power of planning and setting goals but we’ve also learnt that leaving expectations at the door and being passionate and enjoying what you do can be just as powerful.



What are your goals for Ivy Muse and what can we expect in 2016?

Alana  – We have lots of exciting things in store for 2016, it’s going to be a big one! We’ve just this week confirmed the new product designs for our next collection, due for release in February. We will also be releasing two more collections throughout the year, and keep your eyes peeled as some Ivy Muse favourites might make a cameo appearance! We also recently opened the doors to our Ivy Muse Shop here in Melbourne’s Greville Street so we’re looking forward to continuing to grow this aspect of our business, who knows, we might outgrow it before the year is up!



Your fave Ivy Muse product that everyone MUST own? 

Jacqui – It would have to be our recently launched ‘NEST’. A petite table top stand and handmade porcelain vessel designed to house small plants, flowers or other treasures. Available in two colours (Black or Copper) and made entirely in Melbourne, they arrive beautifully packaged and make a great gift this time of year. We’re really pleased with how they’ve turned out and from the feedback we’re hearing lots of people are loving them too!


Tell us your one piece of advice you would offer our readers about running your own business? 

Alana – Don’t overthink things and always trust your gut.


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