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Reader question: ‘How do I dress my bed?’

Brooke by Brooke
June 5th, 2014

This week’s reader question is:

‘How do I dress a bed?’ Such a good question. Lucky for us, our resident decorator Jess Bettenay from The Assembly Hall has the answer!

Over to Jess…

I must admit to consulting Gael on this one – Gael works for me and is undoubtedly the queen of the bed!  Her first comment to me was – “Styling your bed is like styling your wardrobe, start with good quality basics and dress it up with accessories”

So with this in mind, here 12 tips to get you started:

1.Buy the best quality pillows and duvet that you can afford this will help ensure a luxe plump look

2. Layering is the key, weather that be layering tonal colours to create a seductive sophisticated look or layering an assortment of prints to create a mood, it is all about texture and details

3. Tie your bed and its layers into the space and its surround.  You don’t necessarily want the bed to stand out like a sore thumb you want it to be part of a puzzle in an engaging space

4. Think deconstructed, your bed always looks better a little messy.  This is good embrace it…..let you inner obsessive compulsive go

5. Always have at least 4 pillows on the bed, 2 just doesn’t cut it

6. A bed is a vast space and you need to demystify the space between the pillows and the end of the bed.  So add accessories in the way of, a cushion, a throw, a cascading flat sheet etc –  if not all of them!

7. As always if mixing and matching doesn’t come naturally to you then make sure each pattern or item has the same primary colour or shade that way it is easier to control

8. If you have a mattress and base set and you’re not a fan of the “typical” and often slightly dated valance then you can use a good quality think fitted sheet instead

9. There are countless options for things to throw on the end of your bed be creative; a shibori throw, a fur, a knitted throw, a crochet blanket, a wool blanket with pom poms, a kantha, random vintage textiles, quilt.

10. Another good tip is to think rugs underneath, this is another layer and will allow you to introduce other dimensions and unexpected details

11. You must think seasonally.  You feel differently in the seasons and you bed should reflect that

12.  In summer you can still have layers and not melt by taking your duvet out of the cover and using the cover and a flat sheet only.  Linen works best in this case.

13. Please don’t over cushion your bed, it looks ridiculous………..

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Start  untucking those sheets now!!

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