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Are you yay or nay to wearing undies when you exercise?

Monty by Monty
March 28th, 2017

The other day a mate told me she doesn’t wear ANY undies when she works out. My jaw dropped because, um, FOUL.

I basically wear undies 24/7; the only time they are not hugging my derrière is when I take them off to shower. Because I am so fond of my jocks, maybe I am not the best person to judge her BUT I am.

I know some brave dames go commando when they wear certain outfits to avoid VPL (visible panty line), but going jockless for a run or boxercise is next level. My mind immediately shoots to a very obvious sweaty vag region which is far from delightful.

She tried to explain her reasoning for going brief-free is due to comfort and she also said that she feels not having the extra layer of ‘panties’ (foul word) makes her sweat less.

Those leggings surely would be a bacteria playing field!!

woWhile we are on the topic, I don’t understand working out in a g-string either. How very, very, very uncomfortable.

I am sure she is the only human in the whole wide world who opts for an undie-free workout, right? You don’t do it too do you?

If you do go commando while pounding the pavement you may want to rethink your wardrobe.

I did some research and found in a women’s health article that when we are working out we SHOULD be wearing ‘appropriate underwear’, something that is ‘breathable’ like cotton undies.

Wearing G-strings while sweating up a storm is not advisable because it increases your risk of urinary tract infection by allowing bacteria from the rear to move toward the front while you workout. Eww.

The reasoning behind wearing cotton jocks is to ‘catch sweat and developing moisture’.

All of it is foul and I am far too immature to write about such a topic. But bottom line is WEAR UNDIES WHILE WORKING OUT!