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Show + Tell’s Wrapping Guide for Chrissie

Lizzie Marton by Lizzie Marton
December 11th, 2014

Sometimes you buy the most PERFECT gift for someone….and you need the perfect wrap to match. I LOVE wrapping presents. Seriously, you would think after three years of working in a Chrissie wrapping stand I would be so over it…but I’m not. I get such delight wrapping up gifts for others, and I am here to bring you all I have learned in my years as a Christmas elf…

Here are some easy and super fancy ways to make your presents truly stand out under the Chrissie tree…and totally wow the lucky ducks who gets to unwrap them!

First off you need to gather all the things you will need. I bought these super fab wraps from Hallmark…all for under $7 each for a big roll…plenty for all the pressies I need to wrap. I also use double sided sticky tape (fancy I know…but it really makes a difference!) and some sharp scissors:

hallmark wrapping paper

Here is how I wrap the present to begin with:

how to wrap a present

Cut the paper so it goes 3/4 the way up the gift. Then fold edge over like this!

how to wrap a present

Then place the double sided sticky tape over the edge and fold the paper over. Cut both edges on either side of the presents.

how to wrap a present

Fold in the edges so they’re flush with the gift. Then fold the edge on the end over and use double sided sticky tape to fold up the side of the gift. Repeat with the other side.

hallmark wrapping paper

Once you have stuck the sides down neatly, you will have one fancy looking pressie!

Then onto glamming up your pressies…I use a lot of different ribbons – here are a few different ways of adding some sparkle to your presents:

1. The double bow:

Super simple but looks fab! You can use two different coloured ribbons to add something a little special to your wrapping!

wrapping ideas

First off choose complimentary that go together well!


Run the ribbons around the present together (they don’t get tangled this way!) and tie into a bow. Voila!

2. The “use the left over wrapping paper bow”:

wrapping ideas

You can buy these amazing pre-curled ribbons from Hallmark – I tied one to the centre to begin with…

wrapping ideas

Then I folded spare wrapping paper in half, pinched it in the centre, and then tied the ribbon around it.


3. Twine:

wrapping ideas

Wrap twine around the gift a few times and tie in a tight knot in the centre. Clean it up by putting a big pre-bought bow in the centre of the knot.

4. The flower bow:

I know, I know…this is over the top. But isn’t it just SO FAB?! I love it…and I promise you it is not as difficult as it looks! Give it a go and you will knock the socks off whoever gets to unwrap this baby.

flower bow

First tie ribbon around the entire present and secure in a knot. Next cut three other lengths of ribbon long enough to tie each one individually into a bow.

flower bow

Tie the ribbons in a knot in the centre. Then starting from any point, begin to tie one ribbon with the one next to it into a tight bow.

flower bow

Then continuing around, tie the next ribbon with the ribbon beside it into a bow, until you have tied all the ribbons into bows. It will be messy at this stage but don’t worry!

flower bow

Then pull the bows out into a round shape neatly, and make sure they are all tight. Then you need the ends to be even with the bows, cut the ends to make sure they’re all even with the bows. The more even it all is, the neater it will look!

flower bow

The finished flower bow!

Finally you need the perfect card to match your present…it is all in the details people. Here are some cards/stickers I used to complete my presents:


wrapping ideas

Let me know if you have any questions…I am here to help! And send me the pics of your wrapping ideas….I always love to add to my little wrapping skills!

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