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Morning VS Evening showers…which is best?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
June 25th, 2017

Showers are clearly a necessity for any person seeking stink-free armpits, a fresh-smelling bum and you know, just basic hygiene in general.

When it comes to soaping ourselves and getting squeaky clean, most people fall into one of two camps – morning or evening showers. Or both?

Personally, I don’t think I could function in the morning without a shower. It wakes me up and lets me start the day off feeling fresh. Even on a psychological level, I sorta feel like I’m washing off yesterday and getting ready for the new day ahead. Some days I go full cray-cray and shower in the morning AND night. Wild child.

Could this be the greatest shower on Earth?

Could this be the greatest shower on Earth?

For every disciple of the morning shower, there is a nay-sayer from camp evening. Who is right? When IS the best time to shower?

Science has come to the rescue and given us the answer and apparently, it all depends of your goals and lifestyle.

You should shower in the MORNING if:

– You are CREATIVE: Showering is likened to meditation and is the perfect place to cook up some new ideas. All we need is a waterproof pen and paper….

– You have OILY SKIN: Since excess oils can build up during the night, showering in the morning is a great way of washing off the excess that accumulates overnight, helping to unclog pores.

– You WORK OUT in the morning: Hmmm, this one seems like a bit of a no-brainer really. Sweaty body? Get your stinky pits into a shower and lather yourself up!

– You are not a MORNING PERSON: Showers often provide people who are not at their perkiest in the morning the opportunity to wake up, increase alertness and rev-up your metabolism. Even before coffee.

We've ALL been here....

We’ve ALL been there…

You should shower in the EVENING if:

-You keep your SHEETS nice and clean: To avoid messing up fresh sheets with the daily grime accumulated on your bod, showering in the evening will see you keep your sheets just like your body. Spotless.

-You have DRY skin: Washing your skin in the shower in the morning can strip it of its natural oils, often resulting in flaky skin if you are prone to dryness. Showering at night lets those good oils do their work to combat the dry skin.

-You WORK OUT in the afternoon or night time: You don’t want to go to bed in a sea of sweat, so showering at night removes the stank as well as giving those muscles a bit of nice, warm TLC.

-You get DIRTY at WORK: A job that requires you to work outdoors or in a dirty or dusty environment will clearly benefit from a night-time shower. Bacteria from the grime that settles on your skin really needs a good wash-off prior to bed so those nasties don’t cause any skin problems.

He DEFINITELY needs a shower. With a good lathering. And massage oil....

He DEFINITELY needs a shower. With a good lathering. And massage oil….

So basically, as long as you actually HAVE a shower, everyone’s a winner…it’s just a matter of choosing the time that works best in with your lifestyle.

Are you a morning or evening shower-er?