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Here’s what sleeping in your make up does to your skin

Stacey by Stacey
May 31st, 2016

Since I’ve been older, and by older I mean in my 30s, I wash my face religiously…every night.

Before that, it wasn’t pretty. I was young and didn’t give a crap…and back then I didn’t have wrinkles or adult-onset-acne (that’s a made up word I use to describe my adult pubescent skin).  I would often go to bed with my make up on, and when I’d wake I often didn’t even clean or reapply more make up. I would just go about my day like it was normal. Gross.

We can always rely on Buzzfeed to give us a small dose of reality. Check this video out – it tells us why we really should wash our face before bed. I wish someone would have told me this pre-wrinkles. Shiiit.

 Do you wash your face before you go to bed?

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