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The Aussie-made swimsuit that had a waitlist of 500 women!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
December 10th, 2016

Shopping for swimwear is annoying. Because our bodies are so different, we’re all looking for something specific in a cozzie. For you, it could be deciding on whether to go for bottoms with a classic cut or boy leg and for me, it’s often about finding something that will keep my boobs UP with enough support to stop my nipples from jumping ship at the first sign of any wave action.

It’s funny though, because in all the years I’ve been swimwear shopping, I’ve NEVER considered sun protection in my decision. Ever. Though I insist on my kids being as covered as possible at the beach or pool (rashie vest + sunscreen + hat), the same doesn’t go for me. The decision always comes down to colour/cut/print and ultimately, how I look (and feel) above anything else. And seriously, have you ever seen a nice looking rashie for chicks? ME EITHER!

Enter: The Une Piece. Created by a clever lady from Brisbane named Carly Brown, it is equal parts sexy and sun smart, making it perfecto for the hot Aussie summer. I could totally see Khloe Kardashian rocking one of these.

White = SUMMER!

White = SUMMER!

Carly said that she came up with the idea for the Une Piece while holidaying in Europe. “I felt more confident and beautiful in a one piece but I couldn’t really find something that suited me…I wanted something that was elegant, flattering and made from good quality fabric.” So she got working on her idea and came up with a seriously hot suit that covers those pesky bits that are often ravaged by the sun. The Une is made up of 28 pieces of “incredibly contouring” fabric, as opposed to a regular rashie that only comprises of four, and Carly says it’s super comfy. It has a UPF50+ sun protection rating, is available from size 6-16 and to top it all off, is made in Australia. Tick tick tick.

Smokin' hot in red

Smokin’ hot in red

A waitlist of 500 women before the Une Piece even went on sale can’t be wrong! The gorgeous swimwear (available in black, white, red and navy) retails for $195. Check out more on the website here:

What’s your fave swimsuit style?