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The quick and easy way to tame flyaway hairs

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 16th, 2017

Unless you have some seriously sleek and perfect hair, you’ll know what a total and utter pain in the arse flyaway hairs are. Mine always seem to be at their peak performance when my hair is in need of a colour and it’s the white hairs that stand to attention like soldiers on top of my head, outshining their blonde sisters.

Who knew there was such an easy, portable and cheap fix for this common annoyance? Ladies, grab yourself a toothbrush; one with natural bristles is the best for this, but plastic will do. Spray that sucker with some strong hold hairspray and brush those bad boys down – this is especially good for those baby hairs that like to reside in your hairline. Think of it as the world’s tiniest hairbrush, but BETTER. Here’s how if you need a visual…

Here’s an extra tip for you –  use a light hand when using your toothbrush to comb down your hair. You don’t need much pressure anyway, but going gentle also means that your style (and volume) stays intact while those flyways bugger off.

BONUS TIP – Run your hair-sprayed toothbrush through your eyebrows to keep them in place and set all your brow products. This is especially good if they’re long and a little unruly!

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What’s the best hair tip you’ve ever heard?