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Taylor Swift answers Vogue’s 73 questions…and proves she and Monty are practically twins

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 20th, 2016

Ever wanted to hang out with Taylor Swift at her place? Well, now you can, because the Grammy-award winning singer and kindest bad-ass on the block has opened the doors to her Beverly Hills bungalow and answered 73 questions for Vogue.

During the interview, Taylor reveals her song-writing process, shows off her THREE coffee machines, reveals her love of chicken tenders and hand sanitiser and what she’d be doing if she wasn’t a singer. She’s so sweet and likeable, gets a little serious about being slut-shamed in her early 20’s and has a freaky knowledge of cat breeds.

BUT, all that aside, the thing that caught our attention the most was that Tay Tay and our very own Monty have the same tiles. That makes them practically besties.

Check out Tay’s tiling on her fireplace…

Those tiles are AMAZING

Those tiles are AMAZING

And Monty’s kitchen…

Well, well, well...what do we have in here?

Well, well, well…what do we have in here?

Monts and Tay Tay have some serious Style (get it) and there ain’t no Blank Space (again!) on these walls. Who wore it better? Well, let’s just say Monts had hers first. Haaaaa.

Check out Taylor’s awesome 73 Questions here. It’s seriously good…