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This should be compulsory reading for all new mums

Monty by Monty
January 31st, 2017

We can be so brutal and mean to ourselves after we have grown and heaved out a baby. When you are no longer housing a child and your body looks somewhat unrecognisable, it can sometimes be really challenging. For a lot of us the special ‘newborn time’ is wasted on worrying about not fitting back into our jeans.

I truly wish this wasn’t the way. I wish we were kinder on ourselves and just celebrated our bodies for doing the most wicked thing ever – but we rarely do.

After I had my first son Bax, I found it hard to adjust to my new body. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin for quite a while. I was so proud of myself for growing such a beautiful little man but I regret the time I spent on not liking what I saw in the mirror.

After I had my second son Arlo, I was a lot kinder to myself. I had been there before and wasn’t as shocked with the changes that occurred. I accepted what I looked like a little easier and felt proud of my body for what it had done. This doesn’t mean I didn’t have days when I felt foul and ugly and uncomfortable in my clothes, but I just had the ability to catch myself and remind myself it had JUST GROWN A FUCKING HUMAN.

I loved seeing the picture of Sophie Cachia aka The Young Mummy pop up in my Insta feed the other day. Her words were wise and resonated with me big time. Here is the pic and what she wrote below:

Sophie and baby Florence

Sophie and baby Florence

12 days ago you were inside of my belly. While I’m recovering more everyday, my body is a constant reminder that I again was so blessed to grow a healthy beautiful baby. In those 12 days, babes, we’ve already done so much together. Much more than I did with your brother in the first fortnight that’s for sure. But one thing I most certainly haven’t done is look at my body with the same disappointment like I did after giving birth the first time. The changes are huge. And it takes a while to adapt. But I see such beauty in the process of a woman’s body both growing & recovering before and after pregnancy. And if I have one wish for my whole life – it’s that honey you look at your body with the exact same positive attitude that I’ve developed over time. My body blessed me with the complete piece of my puzzle in you… how could I not love it!

Lets try and be kinder to our bodies, we would be pretty fucked without them. M x

Here is Sophie On The Couch chatting about her pregnancy. For more of Soph, click here.

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