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Six easy peasy tips to help you sell your home

Stacey by Stacey
August 27th, 2015

I am in the throws of selling, buying and renting all at the same time. Although my head is about to explode…it also got me thinking about all the easy and affordable things that we can all do to attract potential buyers. Pretty much every house can be made better and more gorgeous to achieve the result we all want…it is just a matter of knowing exactly what it is that we need to tweak. And of course, keeping it affordable and easy for the non-handy amongst us (me being one of them).

Here is what I have found definitely helps to sell your house to as many potential buyers as possible.

Keep your space as neutral as possible

Add pops of colour throughout your home with accessories…people like to see a clean palette that is enhanced with beautiful things. If there are too many crazy colourful fixtures people only see what they don’t like and therefore, how much it would cost to change. Give them the option to picture their things in your home straight away.

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Get the largest couch you can fit into your house

This will make the room feel larger and more grand in scale

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Add mirrors 

Adding mirrors where you can and especially across from amazing views can double the natural beauty of your home and also give the illusion of more space and tons of gorgeous views.


Less is more

Take out any unnecessary ornaments and every day items. I always joke that you basically need to hide all the ugly things you use every day while you’re selling your place. Think about your toaster, kettle, face creams etc… The key is to not over style and just show gorgeous things properly placed.

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Add curtains as close to the ceiling as possible

Adding gorgeous curtains as high up your wall as possible will also help in emphasising the height of your ceilings and therefore the overall space your selling.


Add life to your space

Plant life is your best friend…as much as is possible without making your house feel like a jungle is ALWAYS the way to go.

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Also, don’t be afraid to let your home look lived in…vac up those crumbs but leave beautiful cushions spawn over the couch and your books on your side tables etc…

Stace x

Pictures sources from My Domaine and Pinterest