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These are the only Bali tips you will ever need

Monty by Monty
October 2nd, 2016

Having small babes means long haul trips suck serious ass, so Bali is as far as we are brave enough to travel.

It’s the best place to holiday with kids because there is sun, delicious food, beaches, shopping and NANNIES!!! Bali is my happy place. I seriously bloody love it there. As soon as we leave one holiday in Bali, I always start planning the next one.

We were recommended a beautiful nanny four years ago and use her every trip, so do my mates. Having extra hands on deck plus having the freedom to go out for dinner or duck to the pool and read is pure luxury. Family holidays can sometimes be a slog, but I always come home from Bali feeling like I’ve had some good time with the kids and actually spent enough time with my partner Sam. We even get to finish conversations some times. I know, how novel.

Lindy Klim joined us On The Couch and shared her Bali tips. Because Lindy lives there, the gurl is in the know. Take note and pass on to your pals.

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