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Five tips to stay sane while travelling with the kidlets

Stacey by Stacey
June 30th, 2015

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Long gone are the days when my husband and I would jump on a plane to fly back to his homeland (USA) with a book in our mitts, playlists loaded, ear plugs and eye masks a plenty. At some point I birthed two boys and plane trips are the furthest thing from relaxing as you can possibly get.

We are about to embark on this trip again, which involves a 28-hour travel day, this time we have two mini-men (a four and one-year-old) in tow. It is a couple weeks away but I’m already in survival mode. Deep. Breath!

Making any kid sit still for even 10 minutes is a ridiculous concept in itself, so attempting to get tiny tots to sit still for HOURS on end in a tiny seat with absolutely NOTHING to do is completely bonkers. Bonkers we are though, cause the tickets are booked and there ain’t no backing out.

Even though this is the first time I’m traveling with two kids that can’t wipe their own asses, I have witnessed many a mum do the travel thing with class. So below are some tips I have picked up that I plan on using and also wanted to share with you.

  1. Snacks – and loads of them. Go easy on the sweets, we don’t need the ‘hype’ rearing its ugly head for you or your friendly co-travellers. Think crackers, carrot sticks, apples, sultanas, museli bars and chuck a cookie in the bag. NOTE: The cookie is the big gun, don’t pull this out first.
  2. Go to the $2 shop stat…stock up on every crappy $2 toy you can find and then wrap them up individually so they look like birthday pressies…when one of your kids is about to crack…pull a pressie out. Genius!
  3. iPad’s are single handedly the best inventions of ALL time…download your kids’ fave apps and make sure that thing is charged to 1000% before you board. You’ll get at least an hour out of this puppy.
  4. Be REAL nice to the people sitting next to you…don’t go overboard or you will look like a creep, but just remember they can often be some helpful entertainment for the kids OR your worst nightmare – so give them that extra Cadbury choc on your tray just incase.
  5. And…whatever you do, don’t forget to get your kidlet’s passports organized WELL ahead of time. Australia Post does a super rad job of taking passport pics to government standard without the fuss. It’s pretty bloody stressful to get that perfect shot with your squirmy tots and they’re experts. And plus…there are Post Offices everywhere so you don’t have to waste time searching and driving all over town to find a place that takes ID pics.


Happy travelling peeps, and if all else fails…VODKA and lots of it (half joking).