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Veggie Garden Love!

Amber Spencer by Amber Spencer
October 11th, 2013

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Since I found myself in the land of home owning; I have become slightly obsessed with making my garden like the fresh food section at Coles (or something like that, warmer months is a bit boring)…I’m lucky enough to have a Baby Daddy that loves to cook, so that’s motivation enough for me to get my green thumb on.

When pondering your herb (pronounced ‘erb’) selections, think about the meals you love to eat and the foods you have always wanted to try!

Green smoothies are now a regular in our house (so on trend…) as we have access to so many green herbs and plants!

I have learnt the hard way it is important to get your soil right, I’m channeling a little Don Burke here, so make sure your feeding your soil and plants on a regular basis along with fertilizer (yes plant food and fertilizer are diff, who knew?) these babies need TLC every step of the way. If you need help in the construction of your own home garden, there are always professionals you can rely on because of their in-depth knowledge of such things.

Check out these creative veggie and herb gardens! Start little and grow your garden from there.

Veggie Garden Inspiration - with a little help from

Veggie Garden Inspiration – with a little help from

Planter boxes are awesome if your pushed for space and these guys come to you!

Veggie Patch Inspiration

Veggie Patch Inspiration – Source:

If you’re limited with space that’s ok, herbs and vegies (with the right soil and sun) will happily grow anywhere!

Veggie Garden Inspiration

Veggie Garden Inspiration – Source:

Veggie Garden Inspiration

Veggie Garden Inspiration – Source:

This may be a tad too much? But soooooooooo unreal!

Why not make a veggie garden with a palette or a doctored up wooden slat wall?

Or grab some awesome wooden crates and make it look super spesch!

Do you have any rad tips you could share with us?

Amber xxx