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This might be all we need to get a bit more zing in our skin!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
August 18th, 2019

This post is sponsored by Vida Glow.

A couple of months ago, I turned 40. I didn’t actually think I’d have much of an issue with it, because I’m very aware that ageing is actually a luxury that so many don’t get the chance to experience. That said, I’ve noticed something shift since I blew out those candles and I’m not digging it. I’m really not digging it. It’s not the lines that collect in the corners of my eyes when I laugh or the little age spots I see forming on the backs of my hands, but more the loss of, I don’t know…. vitality?

The dewiness my skin always had is fading. My complexion seems more uneven and just a little flatter. My hair, which was always so full and thick that I constantly complained about it, has become so thin that I need half a can of dry shampoo and a set of tongs to give it a quarter of the volume it had back in the good old days. I guess I sort of feel like my glow is gone and I want that shit back. Stat.

I recently watched an interview Sarah Harris did for The Carousel with a super successful entrepreneur named Anna Lahey who runs a business called Vida Glow. The magic in Anna’s pots of Vida Glow powder is a superhero ingredient called Marine Collagen and it is THE BUSINESS at getting your skin all radiant and juicy again. Japanese women, who legit have the best skin in the world, have been onto this for yonks, so Anna thought it was only fair to get some of that goodness over here for us Aussie babes to get into us too. It’s only fair, right?

As we age, the amount of collagen in our bods starts to decline, which is why so many of us can experience thinning hair, a loss of radiance in our skin and weak, brittle nails. The best thing about Vida Glow is that it works from the INSIDE out so that strong, beautiful and vibrant hair, skin and nails are literally only a scoop of powder away. I’ll take one in each flavour, thanks!

You can hear Anna explain all the ins and outs of Vida Glow below in her interview with Sarah…

Vida Glow products are made in Australia, 100% natural, GMO, Soy and filler free. You can learn more about them and check out the entire range of products here and follow them on Instagram here and Facebook here.

The brains and awesomeness behind Vida Glow – Anna Lahey.

And if you want some more ace freebie tips – Vida Glow has some stellar tips for boosting hydration. Below are some simple ways to help increase your water intake and provide your body with additional benefits at the same time.

1. Add citrus to your water to improve the taste and boost your immune system. Alternatively, try Vida Glow’s natural Marine Collagen. This delicious supplement is available in a number of flavours and not only makes drinking water fun, but also works to brighten the skin and strengthen hair and nails.

2. Eat your water?! Green fruits and vegetables are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, they can hold hold up to 94% water content. Alternatively, try VidaGlow’s Beauty Greens. An easy substitute for those with a fast-paced, busy lifestyle struggling to eat nutrient-rich foods, this mix-in aids in digestion, nutritional absorption and supports detoxification.

3. Carry a water bottle. Alternatively, try Vida Glow’s Beauty H2O bottled hibiscus and rosewater, which not only promotes plump and elastic skin, it also boosts the health of hair and nails.