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Video proof you should bin the make up wipes STAT

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
February 3rd, 2021

We all know that taking our make up off before bed is a must-do if you want to keep your skin looking the goods. Skin care is a great way of practising self-care HOWEVER – when you’ve rocked up home after a big night on the vinos / dealt with screaming kids all day / smashed from a long day at work, that double cleanse we SHOULD be doing just seems like too much work. The make-up wipes hanging out in the back of the drawer? Come at me, baby.

While a quick pass with a make up wipe certainly has a time and place (‘fannies, festivals and flights’ according to skincare expert Caroline Hirons), using them on the reg is doing your skin NO favours. If you’re a nay-sayer who adores their trusty wipes, then check out the vid below posted by Dr Tijion Esho….

With the texture and grooves of that orange mimicking the pores in the skin, you can see how the wipe just drives all the makeup, dirt, grime, SPF (and God knows what else you’ve come in contact with during the day) deeper into the skin. G-ross.

The message? The humble wipe, which has an occasional time and place, isn’t doing your skin any favours. You’re way better off investing in a re-usable make up remover pad like Face Halo that’ll remove the stuff on your face with water alone, or even whacking some micellar water onto a cotton pad and wiping the day off that way.

The ideal night time face-off? An oil cleanse that’ll melt away all the yuck stuff, followed up with a gentle gel cleanser for clean and glowy skin that’s good for you and of course, the environment.

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