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What does a “normal” vagina look like?

Monty by Monty
May 22nd, 2019

You know what we don’t discuss very much? VAGINAS!

I bet even reading that made you cringe a little and a part of you wanted to click off this page. For some reason the word “vagina” is pretty jarring. Odds are that if you are reading this now you most probably have a vagina. (Sorry, if you are a man reading this you are very welcome to continue).

Maybe we feel funny about vaginas because they are hidden in our pants and are only something we see when we go to the loo, have a shower or ‘make love‘. But the fact is that half of the world’s population have one and we would be rather stuffed without them.

Like our faces and finger prints, NO two vaginas are the same. Not that we would know because we rarely see someone else’s, but what I have going on down there is very different to yours.

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I watched a fab documentary on ABC2 a while back called the ‘Vagina Diaries’. A friend of mine, Nat, was the presenter and she explored the world of vaginas and the seriously worrying trend of Labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of the inner lips of the vagina. Basically, an operation to ‘neaten up’ performed at a Labiaplasty Clinic.

Lots of women, and young ones at that, are opting to have this procedure to make their vagina look more ‘normal’. The procedure is painful and pricey and does not always leave you with the result you were hoping for.

Some women do need to have this operation due to pain associated with their vulva but when it is done for confidence, self esteem and for the vulva to look a specific way, is when it’s a real concern.

Due to magazines and pornos, a ‘normal’ vagina to most of us looks like a neat little slit with no hair. The reality is a lot  (if not all) of these pictures have been photo-shopped . There are different censorship laws in different countries around how a vagina can appear in a magazine so ALL of them are photoshopped to look the same.

Here is the thing, we have these lady parts in our pants for a good reason, to give us pleasure, to tinkle from, not to mention the huge involvement in the baby making and delivery department, and the bottom line is we simply need them.

With so much emphasis on looking a certain way, being a certain weight, having longer hair and fake eyelashes and fake tans and bigger boobs and and and, let’s just back off the vagina department. There is enough to worry about and obsess over  in life besides the size and shape of your flaps. And I know one thing that’s for sure, there ain’t no man out there who would care what ‘it’ looks like.


What are your thoughts on this extreme operation?

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