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The vamp facial for your vagina that will blow your orgasm to bits!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 17th, 2019

Remember those early days of your relationship, when you were about six months to a year in and you and your guy (or gal) couldn’t keep your filthy mitts off one another? You were DTF at all times and just the sound of their voice signalled the ‘ready for action!’ alarm down to your bits.

And then… the years rolled on. Maybe you got married. Maybe you got a mortgage. Maybe you had a few kids and those precious moments reserved for just for the two of you became permanently plugged in to charging the lives of the little people you made – or the puppy you share or the job that sucks the life out of you.

we want that johnny and baby chemistry back

Stuff changes, tiredness takes over and before you know it, you wonder if you’re still alive down there. It happens to the randiest of us from time to time, right?

There are loads of different methods and tactics to get the juices flowing again like they did back in the day, but one new treatment in particular is getting rave reviews for – quite literally – getting the blood pumping in the ol’ loins again.

It’s called the ‘O Shot’ and it comes thanks to the man who invented the Vampire Facial made famous by Kimmy K, Dr Charles Runels. Turns out, all those great results from the vamp facial caused a light bulb moment in Dr Runels’ girlfriend, who asked him to shoot her up in the vaj-jay-jay for shits and giggles to see what happened… and it was a success.

Women are calling the results of the O Shot ‘life changing’ to their sex lives. The treatment is said to rejuvenate and revitalise the functions of the clitoris and vagina, making for a higher libido and some intense, earth-shattering orgasms. Sounds fabulous x infinity, right?

The actual procedure doesn’t sound like a whole lotta fun, but it’s said to be virtually painless, quick, requires zero down time and won’t cost you the earth. Here’s how it works:

  • You have some blood drawn and the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) component is extracted.
  • A topical anesthetic is applied to the area (read: your vulva and vag) and the PRP is injected in.
  • You get right back on that pony and start riding it harder than Ginuwine did back in ’96.

Jokes aside, the whole procedure is meant to work because the properties found in the platelets can stimulate the body’s growth and stem cells, resulting in rejuvenation to the area that is jabbed (so to speak).

Possible perks of the procedure are not limited to more intense orgasms; the O Shot is thought to increase a woman’s ability to get there and also up the chances of the elusive vaginal orgasm, which many women aren’t able to experience. Additionally, it can help women who suffer from bladder leakage and lack of lubrication too.

Some women report positive results within a few weeks while others notice a difference immediately and results are said to last for six months to a year. Sounds like a winner winner, multiple orgasmic chicken dinner to me.