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The world is in a real tizz over this image of breasts

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 25th, 2019

It’s funny how we pay so much attention to what our bodies look like on the outside when what is going on under our skin is often SO much more fascinating.

Take boobs for example. Chances are that if you sport a pair of your own, you’ve seen your girls go through a lot of changes over the years. You’ve watched them grow through puberty and maybe, they’ve just never stopped growing. Maybe you’ve seen your breasts go from itty bitty to unrecognisably full during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Maybe you’ve seen them make their way south as you’ve grown older, or maybe you found a lump and had to say goodbye to them all together.

No matter what the story of your tatas are, the truth is that they’re pretty damn amazing – and NOTHING highlights that more than the pic that did  the rounds on the internet recently.

Twitter user @lemonadead shared a diagram of the biological structure of the milk ducts within a woman’s chest and I had NO IDEA this is what they looked like…

I actually think this pic is insanely cool… but others are SHOOK. The pic has received 132,000 likes, has been re-tweeted over 43,000 times and has received some very varied responses. Some are lovin’ it, many are horrified and wish they could just forget they ever saw it and some are seriously pissed that they hadn’t seen it sooner – like in health classes at school.

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