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BIG debate finally resolved

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 5th, 2018

When it comes to the fridge vs pantry food debates, shit can get heated. Some people are SO passionate about the ‘right’ place to store their spreads and condiments, and we’ve seen it play out in the world of Vegemite, peanut butter and tomato sauce. But now, there’s a new kid on the debating block and it’s everyone’s fave conserve. Jam.

Look, I’m not one of those people to ordinarily get on board with this kinda stuff, but WHO DOESN’T KEEP THEIR JAM IN THE FRIDGE? I mean, it’s where it belongs, in its rightful home in the fridge door alongside other faves like maple syrup and mustard. But as it turns out, everyone has a different jam when it comes to storing their jam.

It all started with a question posed by a lass called Mandy-lee Andersen on the ‘Mums Who Organise’ Facebook page. A confused Mandy-lee said that she and her Kiwi husbo, David, have a long-running beef over where the jam jar actually belongs – Mandy-lee is (rightly) Team Fridge whereas David is firmly in Team Pantry. ‘Cos Davo don’t like cold jam on his warm toast. The humble question scored over a thousand comments within a few hours with the majority of jam lovers choosing fridge over pantry.

Curious, I actually got off my arse and headed to my fridge to check the deets on my own jam. Here’s what I found…


But Jan Young, who is a BOSS when it comes to jam, marmalades and chutneys (‘cos: Country Women’s Association) reckons that the cupboard is the rightful home for ‘yo jam. WTF Jan?

Jan (and can we just take a moment to appreciate that her name is SO close to the word Jam), makes a whopping three and a half tonnes of chutney and jams a year, so lady knows her preserves. According to Jan, “I make a lot of jam and ours is in the cupboard. It depends on your climate and how well the jam is made, but if it’s cooked and cooled properly, the cupboard is fine.”

And let’s be honest here, I’d say the majority of us aren’t cooking up fresh jams at home like Jammy Jan. So when it comes to the stuff on the supermarket shelves, Jan says,  “… a store bought jam wouldn’t go off in a thousand years, it’s got so many preservatives.” And an extra tidbit of jammin’ advice from Jan? “Just make sure you use a clean knife or spoon so you don’t contaminate the jam.”

So there you have it. Jan says pantry… but I’m still not convinced, even though she’s totes got the credentials to back it up.

And just on a side note, how good is this ode to jam Monty sent Stace and I out of the blue a few weeks ago? That kid is crazy for her jam.

And by the way, she keeps hers in the fridge too. Sorry Jan.

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