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EIGHT fashion trends that need to die

Andrea Cott by Andrea Cott
March 31st, 2019

Trends often die as quickly as they appear, but some seem inclined to overstay their welcome. As we greet another season in 2019, please indulge us and read out list of fashion trends that we think should be hitting the dust ASAP.

1. Ugly sneakers

2018 was the year for everything ugly. Early 2010s’ minimalism left in its wake a generation itching for flamboyance, which is probably why we have young people sporting chunky sneakers their parents may have worn in their youth. Brands are eager to jump on the trend with ridiculously expensive kicks, and while we have no problems with the aesthetic itself, we think wearing ugly for ugly’s sake is now getting a bit old.

2. Nail art

Everyone has the right to express themselves. But allow us to say that this intentionally kitschy trend has already peaked and lost its appeal.

Image: Instagram@itsmecacie

3. Plastic everything

The plastic-everything trend was anachronistic at best and simply unfashionable at worst. The trend is so problematic that WhoWhatWear called it out, but in terms of style, there’s really nothing to argue about. There’s nothing imaginative in see-through bags and shoes, and we dare say it’s a gimmick that we should be forget.

Image: Instagram@fashionfixdaily

4. Questionable denim

2018 saw a lot of ‘innovations’ in denim, but not all of them impressed us. We all know ripped jeans, but last year we saw abominations that words fail to describe. There was Carmar’s collection of extreme cut jeans, more than a few plastic jeans, and other utterly wild denim creations. Pretty Me writer Sheena Dizon also included thong jeans in her article on the worst things that have happened to denim. Seriously, how was thong denim ever a thing? I think we have proven our point.

Image: Instagram@carmardenim

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When Kim K wore a pair of neon blue lycra bike shorts back in September last year, we expressed our disbelief as the fashion world decided to eat it up. Everybody started wearing bike shorts and leggings when they went shopping. But while we agree that they are comfortable to wear, it’s probably time to park the trend and leave it.

Image: Instagram@simonecordeiro.costasilva

6. Bum bag

Bum bags used to be so uncool that wearing it was almost a sign of courage. Now, they are practically everywhere. If wearing a bum bag is the best you can do to showcase your personality, then you’ve got to try harder. As for this trend, all we can is that it’s called a bum bag for a reason.

Image: Instagram@frescoarg

7. Tiny sunglasses

Aviators are out, tiny sunglasses are in. At least in 2018. We’ve seen Bella Hadid single-handedly bringing back this 90s statement piece but as far as we’re concerned, we’re excited to move on to the next trend.

Image: Instagram@lizlaustudio

8. Neon

Okay, the 90s are back, they say, and along with it are the bright neon colours, which we never imagined we’d be seeing again. But while they look good on the runway or in the gym, we don’t imagine it will look good anywhere else. Neon is sure to die the natural way, as it did in the 80s and 90s.

Image: Instagram@prishella