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Chloe James by Chloe James
August 8th, 2014

Blake Lively has responded to Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart made headlines last week by calling Blake Lively’s decision to start her own lifestyle blog ‘stupid’.

Blake has responded to Martha Stewart’s comments that she should ‘stick to acting’ by saying she feels it is possible to follow both career paths.

Blake Lively responds to Martha Stewart

“I want to have my own path professionally and even as she said, I’m an actress. I’m doing something totally different so now I sort of have two careers going on and it’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out. But really what it is, is I have two passions. And I think ultimately, I will always be doing both, but one is going to be paying the bills better than the other.”

Blake went on to say, “Who doesn’t want to be Martha Stewart? Martha Stewart has been a huge inspiration to me my entire life.”

Heartbreak for Home & Away star

In very, very sad news, actress Ada Nicodemou’s son was delivered stillborn yesterday, eight months into the pregnancy.

Blake Lively responds to Martha Stewart

This afternoon, the family released the following statement to the media via Channel Seven, “It is with great sadness that we need to share some news with you. Our baby boy Harrison was delivered stillborn on Thursday 7 August 2014.

“We appreciate your love and support as we mourn the loss of our precious son. We understand we have lived some of our lives in the public eye. But we respectfully ask for privacy at this difficult and extremely painful time so we can grieve and heal. With love Ada, Chrys & Johnas.”

Megan Fox talks about her sex-life

Megan Fox’s career may be doing just fine, but her sex life isn’t.

Blake Lively responds to Martha Stewart

The 28-year-old mother of two talked about the recent lack of action in the bedroom between her and husband Brian Austin Green. “Brian doesn’t get any intimacy whatsoever,” she said.

Megan gave birth to the couple’s second son, Bodhi Ransom Green, in February. Their first child, Noah Shannon Green, was born in the autumn of 2012.

This might have something to do with it!

CEO of $1 billion tech company steps down to spend more time with his family

Max Schireson , CEO of a billion dollar company and a married father-of-three, would listen as his female counterparts were questioned on keeping a healthy work and family balance, and wondered why the same was never asked of him.

So, tired of spending more time on planes flying around the world on business than he was with his wife and kids, Max announced he was stepping down from his role of CEO at database company MongoDB.

Blake Lively responds to Martha Stewart

“Life is about choices. Right now, I choose to spend more time with my family and am confident that I can continue to have a meaningful and rewarding work life while doing so,” Max wrote on his blog.

While Max and his family stood to become phenomenally wealthy if he had stayed in his position, he had this to say about his choice.

“I have three wonderful kids at home, aged 14, 12 and 9, and I love spending time with them: skiing, cooking, playing backgammon, swimming, watching movies or Warriors or Giants games, talking, whatever.”

“I have an amazing wife who also has an important career: she is a doctor and professor at Stanford.”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s romantic getaway

Gwyneth Paltrow announced that she and husband Chris Martin were separating in March, and it seems the actress could be ready to move on.

Blake Lively responds to Martha Stewart

Reports have surfaced that Gwyneth was seen enjoying a romantic getaway with Glee creator Brad Fulchek in Utah last month.

The pair were said to have spent the weekend of July 26 together at the $8,000 a night Amangiri resort in Canyon Point.

Blake Lively responds to Martha Stewart

Gwyneth made a guest appearance on Glee in 2011.

A representative for Gwyneth has declined to comment.