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BREAKING: Malcolm Turnbull is new Liberal leader after leadership spill

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 14th, 2015

It appears that Malcolm Turnbull will be Australia’s next Prime Minister after taking out the Liberal leadership against current PM, Tony Abbott.

Mr Turnbull won the partyroom ballot against Mr Abbott 54-44.

It was revealed in Canberra this afternoon that Mr Turnbull planned to challenge Mr Abbott for the Liberal leadership position.

Mr Turnbull said this afternoon:

“Ultimately, the Prime Minister has not been capable of providing the economic leadership…he has not been capable of providing the economic confidence that business needs.”

“We need a style of leadership that…explains the challenges and how to seize the opportunities. A style of leadership that respects the people’s intelligence, that explains these complex issues and sets out the course of action we believe we should take and makes a case for it. We need advocacy, not slogans.”

Mr Abbott appeared confident in one of his final statements to our country, saying the prime ministership was “not a prize or a plaything to be demanded.”

“It should be something which is earned by a vote of the Australian people,” he said from Parliament House’s Blue Room.

Julie Bishop was re-elected as deputy leader of the Liberal party, 70 votes to 30.

Mr Turnbull is set to become Australia’s 29th Prime Minister.