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We LOVE when things like this happen on live TV

Abby Alexander by Abby Alexander
March 5th, 2015

Usually it is Karl Stefanovic who makes these kind’s of comments but today is was…Lisa Wilkinson.

This morning on the Today Show, Lisa, Karl, Tim Gilbert and Sylvia, were discussing Sylvia’s 24 hour stint with TV personality Bear Grylls. When Sylvia started talking about some of the food he prepared for her, Lisa turned to her and asked, ‘did you swallow?’ And then she went again and again.

Fighting to keep a straight face, Sylvia replied, ‘I swallowed the worm…Lisa, anything else you’d like to say about that story that I worked very hard on for many hours?’

Karl was loving every second, while sports presenter Tim Gilbert attempted to hide his face behind his lap top.

This makes us love Lisa and this team even more. It is GOLD. Check it out below.

Who do you wake up with, Today or Sunrise?