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Let's Get personal

Let’s Get Personal with Eddie Perfect, Jess Mauboy, Nat Bass and George Calombaris

Monty by Monty

Let’s Get Personal…with Justine Clarke, Tara Moss, Kate Ceberano, Natarsha Belling, Magdalena Roze, Sara McGrath and Jamila Rizvi

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Let’s Get Personal with… Georgie, Sarah, Livinia and Maz…

We get a little extra personal with these beautiful babes On The Couch. So much fun.

Monty by Monty

Let’s Get Personal With… Rebecca, Jo, Pam and Sam…

We throw these ladies some quick questions. You may be a little surprised with what they come out with....

Monty by Monty

Let’s Get Personal With Melanie, Jane, Lucy and Fifi…

We throw some quick questions at Melanie Vallejo, Jane Kennedy, Lucy Feagns and Fifi Box. The ladies get a...

Monty by Monty