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Sobbing 8-year-old delivers baby sister

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
February 16th, 2018

My four-year-old idolises her big sister. When my second daughter arrived, my then three-year-old was less than impressed. Four years down the track they share a room and can’t sleep if the other one isn’t there. They tell each other their deepest secrets (often boy crushes) and have a special sister handshake. My younger daughter can’t wait to get to school just so she can be reunited with her older sibling. Their relationship brings me joy everyday.

Eight-year-old Brooke is an amazing example of the sisterhood bond. When she was three years old, Brooke was ecstatic to find out she was to be a big sister and was left completely devastated when her mum Kelsey went on to miscarry. After another two miscarriages, which Kelsey hid from Brooke, she fell pregnant again.

This time Kelsey carried to term.  In 2016 she gave birth to Ellie and Brooke was in the room to witness the arrival of her beautiful sister. In 2017 Kelsey fell pregnant again and asked Brooke if she wanted to help deliver the baby and cut the umbilical cord. On the day, Brooke was the perfect birthing partner for her mum; massaging her feet and rubbing her head.

When the big moment came, Brooke stood with dad and watched her baby sister crown before catching their new baby sister and daughter together. Brooke sobbed in happiness at the arrival of her perfect new sister.

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Kelsey told Love What Matters  that when she asked Brooke if she had learnt anything from being at the birth of her two sisters she replied, “It was really cool being there. I think it made all three of us (her and her two sisters) have a very close bond. I learned how to help expel the placenta from the abdomen and I also realised when I grow up I want to be a midwife.”

Bless! Sisterhood at it’s finest. So beautiful.

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