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Anyone else hate noise after having kids?

Monty by Monty
October 6th, 2017

This piece is brought to you by Goodyear’s New EfficientGrip Performance SUV tyre.


I vividly remember one of my mates who had kids a few years before me saying how he loved doing the supermarket shopping. This was one of the only times during his day that he was alone and he would finish off the shop with a quiet cold beer in the silent car before going back into his loud, crazy, kid filled house. I found this so sad at the time. I went home and told my boyfriend and together we had a giggle over how tragic it was

Just a regular day at my place

Just a regular day at my place

and how we will never do that. Fast-forward seven odd years and we now find ourselves arguing over who gets to go to the supermarket alone. I am yet to sip a solo beer in the car after picking up the baked beans, but I get it now. I get all of it.

Having two boys under five is, um, how do I put this…FULL ON! My house is loud and crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way…AS IF! I would totally have it a different way, sometimes any other way. I didn’t realise how much I loved silence until I became a mum, now I crave even microseconds of no noise.

Sometimes, to get a minutes peace I sit on the upstairs toilet. I don’t need to go to the loo, I just pretend I do. I sit with my pants up and just close my eyes or scroll through Instagram.

The other day while toilet sitting my partner stood on the other side of the closed door and informed me that he thinks I have something called misophonia. He then proceeded to tell me that his new found fancy word actually means “hatred of sound”. I actually think that he might be onto something. Since having kids I have become a sound hater and silence lover.

Brooke and I LOVING the silence

Brooke and I LOVING the silence

All of our lives are loud and we will take the silence wherever and whenever we can get it. I went out for lunch the other day that allowed me to leave the noise behind and switch off. It was to celebrate the launch of the new Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance SUV tyres*. These new tyres guarantee a quieter ride. The tyres have QuietTred technology that legit reduce exterior and interior noise levels. Usually when we think about tyres we just want them to be safe, now I DEMAND they are safe and shhhhhhh quiet. Anything that can minimise the noise in my life gets a big tick from me.

There were four of us in the Jeep that had these new tyres on them and in between our squeals of delight that we were off to a kid free lunch, we sat in blissful silence, no radio, no chatting and no noise from the wheels below us. It was a bloody great day.

Now if you would excuse me, I have some serious toilet sitting to do.

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Here is the video of our lunch out: