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Do your kidlets have sensitive skin?

Stacey by Stacey
December 6th, 2018

This post is brought to you by ecostore…but is 100% my life (#blessed). Stace x

I have three kids and all of them have been blessed with the delightful skin type that is SUPER sensitive. From hives and eczema to rashes and every little skin irritation in between. You name it, we’ve had it. With my first born I lathered on every single cream I could get my mitts on…and surprise surprise it did nothing to help, it usually made it worse.

One time when I went to the doctors, she quizzed me on what I was washing clothes with, what I was washing dishes and benches with and what my kids were bathing in.

At first, I poo pooed her interrogation and found her interest in how I ran my home a tad odd until she pointed out that everything I was using was jam packed with super unnatural and harsh chemicals. I was from the school of thought that every cleaning product needed to reek of bleach and make your eyes water when you merely opened the cap.  The doc politely pointed out that maybe it was what we were using at home that was making my bebe’s basically allergic to life.

So, I changed it all. I was done with the endless nights watching my kids try to scratch their skin off. I swapped every cleaning, skin, and washing product I had to products with no nasties, and only ones made of plants and minerals.

I researched the best products to get and ones that would be available to grab at the supermarket and of course, not crazy expensive. I replaced all my home cleaning items with products from ecostore. I also swapped our soap, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner in one foul supermarket swoop. .

My boys skin irritations became noticeably less and I relished in them not hacking at their skin anymore. I feel like I’m winning at life by using products that have no nasties and are safer for me, my family and the environment – all of the ecostore packaging is made from sugar cane plastic, a renewable and sustainable source…so it’s 100% recyclable. ecostore has made a commitment to make the world a safer place, one person and one home at a time.

You can get your mitts on all of the ecostore goodies online at or in-store at Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths and Baby Bunting. You won’t regret it.

Stacey’s son Jarvie holding ecostore’s Ultra Sensitive dish liquid