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Baby sprouts vamp tooth overnight

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 23rd, 2018

Teething can be a real biatch for some babes. If you’ve had kids, you know the tell-tale signs: irritability, itching, gnawing, restless sleep and bucketloads of drool that require bibs to be worn almost round the clock… and this can go on for MONTHS. It’s one of those heartbreaking/annoying parts of parenting, ‘cos no one wants to see their kid in pain but the whingy, unsettled behaviour can get annoying and knock their routine for six.

11 week old Oscar O’Byrne from Drogheda in Ireland was wasting no time on all that shit, so he decided to sprout an entire tooth OVERNIGHT. Turns out lil’ Oscar was really out to impress because this wasn’t just any old chomper. Nope, he wanted to frighten the shiz out of his mum, Tara, with the most legit Halloween accessory of all time by growing the tiniest little vampire fang you’ve ever seen. Take a look at this…

Oscar and his vamp tooth Image: Facebook/Tara O’Byrne

Tara told the Irish Mirror that her usually chilled babe had woken up crying last week and there was no settling him down. “I went in to him around 7am. I usually give him a soother and he goes back asleep for an hour, but he kept crying. So I took him out and changed him but when I went to feed him, I found the tooth in his mouth. It had grown overnight.”

Poor little mate at the dentist at 11 weeks. Image: Facebook/Tara O’Byrne

Poor little Oscar was in for quite the ordeal after Tara took him to two different hospitals, where doctors were baffled as to whether it was an actual tooth or not. At not even three months old, Oscar ended up at his first dental visit for the removal of the tooth, with Tara having to hold his arms down while it was pulled out. If that wasn’t traumatic enough, Tara told of an additional mishap during the extraction. “Whatever way the suction was caused the tooth to go up his nose. I had to wind him to get it out, but he was ok.” Yikes.

Oscar was eventually sent home with his tooth in a little bag, which will undoubtedly serve as proof to his mates when he gets older that Dracula is his OG grandfather.

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