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Would you leave your baby alone in a hotel room?

Brooke by Brooke
March 30th, 2017

I work to holiday and there is nothing I love more than to get away with my husband and daughter, she’s only two but we’ve been on our fair share of trips away with her. Our annual trip to Bali is my fave. Pre-kids this trip consisted of sleeping, swimming, eating, sleeping…you get it. But now, it ain’t that relaxing, still fun but minimal sleeping and solo swimming take place.

When my husband and I want some time out while we’re away we book a nanny or babysitter so we can head out for dinner or have an afternoon by the pool and actually finish a convo. To be honest I always make sure we budget this into our holiday spend or we get home more exhausted than when we left  (my friends and I all use the BEST nanny in Bali).

A few months ago a mum who goes by the name ‘Frequent Crier’ wrote a post on The Telegraph about having left her 11 month-old in their hotel room while her and her husband went to the hotel restaurant for dinner. This is what she had to say;

“We ate, we drank and we were back in the room, brushing our teeth and undressing with the stealth of ninjas, by 10pm,” she continued, adding, “It was only the next day that I realised I may have made a serious error of judgment. Casually describing the previous night to our friends, I was met with concerned looks. There was rapid and wholehearted agreement around the table: we were the only parents prepared to leave our baby sleeping in a hotel room on her own.”

We were the only parents prepared to leave our baby sleeping in a hotel room on her own

baby-monitor-lifestyle“Isn’t this is exactly what we do each night in our own houses? There are just two big differences. One is that even in a small hotel, you cannot be sure that the range of the monitor will reach the restaurant. Ours stretches just 15 metres and so, last weekend, it did not reach our table.

We ended up going back to our room to check on our daughter – who is a very sound sleeper – every 20 minutes, while staff assured us that they would let us know if they heard a cry in passing.

The second big difference is that at home you can be fairly confident that your house is locked and secure, which you cannot be sure of in a hotel, where bedroom doors can probably be accessed by any number of staff. All I’m talking about here is letting my baby sleep peacefully in a room without me, as she does every night.” 

‘Frequent Crier’ has been slammed online for her decision. And by slammed and I mean, slammed.  I certainly know people who have left have their baby in the hotel room with a monitor and popped downstairs to have dinner in the hotel restaurant or to the hotel pool. In fact, I know more than a handful who have.

Although I haven’t done it myself, many of my mates have sat poolside with the monitor next to them or had dinner at the hotel restaurant with the monitor sitting next to their vino. Their babies have been fast asleep at the time and they felt comfortable enough to do this. Of course bad things can happen, but stuff can go wrong anywhere and at any time so does this make them bad parents?

This divides people HUGELY. I know my mates who do this happen to be great parents and although this isn’t for me, I truly don’t judge their decision to do this.

Even though I haven’t done the holiday monitor caper, I was going to do something the other night that  many of you will disagree with. My husband was out jogging at night when it started to rain BIG time so I called him to tell him I’d come and pick him up…until he said I was mad because our two year-old would then be home alone. Oops, forgot about that. But, she was fast asleep in her cot so I thought maybe I could jump in the car and pick up my husband who was less than a one minute drive away. When I relayed this story the next day, it’s safe to say there were a lot of raised eyebrows for even entertaining the thought. I didn’t weigh up the ‘what ifs’ when I suggested this to my husband and in hindsight it wasn’t the brightest idea, but I don’t think I’m a negligent mother because of this.

We’re all just doing the best we can to figure it all out. While I couldn’t do what Frequent Crier did, there are probably things that I do she wouldn’t do. Like leave her child in bed sleeping while she rescued her husband from the rain possibly being one.

What do you think about this? Would you leave you child in a hotel room with a monitor?

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