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Do you remember these names? Blast from the 80’s past!!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
December 16th, 2019

You know how there are just some names you don’t hear on people under, say, 50? Names like Ian. Ron. Larry. Rodney. Duncan…

Monty recently told us that while listening to Chrissie Swan‘s brekkie show the other day, a 25-year-old caller named Brian rang in. Brian. Up with the Rodneys and the Larrys of the world, Brian feels like a fully-fledged dad name; one that peaked a couple of generations ago and has remained pretty dormant since.

Stace and I both agree that our names have also passed their use-by date. They ain’t cool and they ain’t classicthey scream 80s, and just like stirrup pants, they won’t be getting a second run any time soon.

This made me curious as to what the most popular baby names back in the 1980s were and unsurprisingly, poor Brian didn’t even make the top 100 back then!

Here’s the top 20 for girls and boys…

The Girls:

  1. Sarah
  2. Jessica
  3. Rebecca
  4. Melissa
  5. Lauren

    The ultimate aussie 80s nicole

  6. Emma
  7. Nicole
  8. Amanda
  9. Kate
  10. Laura
  11. Michelle
  12. Amy
  13. Lisa
  14. Stephanie
  15. Samantha
  16. Emily
  17. Natalie
  18. Kylie
  19. Danielle
  20. Erin

The Guys:

  1. Daniel
  2. Matthew
  3. Michael
  4. Christopher
  5. Andrew
  6. David

    the ultimate 80s aussie Jason

  7. James
  8. Benjamin
  9. Luke
  10. Adam
  11. Nicholas
  12. Timothy
  13. Mark
  14. Robert
  15. Paul
  16. Joshua
  17. Jason
  18. Steven
  19. Thomas
  20. Peter

Here’s a bit of us chinwagging about good old Brian on the pod…

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